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Brian and Maria are both great landlords, they made us feel welcome when we moved in and have always been responsive to requests we've made. They promptly deal with any problems that have occasionally arisen, and always follow through on their promises.
Colleen McCann

Brian is a very experienced Real Estate Investor whose creativity allows him to see opportunities where others do not.  His willingness to think outside the box and his determination to help people grow their wealth is his secret weapon.  Brian can see the big picture and knows real estate is the way to help you and others reach their goals.  If you haven't already reached out to him, then what are you waiting for !!! ;)

Gary McGowan

Real Estate Investors Workshop Mar 25, 2015

Gary A. McGowan
Sales Representative
"I've worked closely with Brian on a few deals as his realtor and I have to say, Brian really knows his stuff!  He's truly an expert when it comes to buying quality cash flowing properties.  He's organized and has his systems 'down to a T.' If you're looking to get into real estate and make your financial dreams a reality, you should talk to Brian about partnering with him.  He won't let you down!"
Mat Piche
Real Estate Investor / Realestate Agent
Over the last 10 years my life has been spiralling out of control. This not only effected my health but also the upkeep of my home. By November 2011, I was at the end of my rope and decided to look for help. I initially tried to interest real-estate agents but because of the state of inside of the house I had to try to explore another route. This is when I found Brian from To say that he was an angel sent to help me in my time of need is an understatement! He helped guide me through the sale of my property and was very sensitive to my family's needs. We closed just 3 weeks later and I am forever indebted to him! If you have a house to sell and need someone you can trust please give him a won't be let down! I thank the skys above each day for my chance meeting with him. Many Regards, Jerry M. (Newcastle, Ontario) Nov, 2011

Jerry M

Over the past year, I have had a wonderful experience renting from Brian and Maria. On the few occasions where I have contacted them regarding maintenance issues, my requests have been handled flawlessly. Brian and Maria have addressed all my issues quickly, professionally and any repairs have been scheduled at my convenience. In addition to being competent, Brian and Maria are lovely people who are very approachable and easy work with. I'm very pleased to have Brian and Maria as my management team and would highly recommend them to any future resident.
Stephanie Gossage
Four years ago I contacted Brian about getting involved in Cash Flow Realestate. He met with me and explained the whole process to a degree that I was immediately onboard. A few months later we bought an investment property and it has not only produced a very handsome monthly surplus but also has increased in value considerably! I know I could not have done this by my self but with Brian's Expertise and take action attitude it has been a very smooth process. Best part is, he takes care of everything! I look forward to our next purchase!
JG, Toronto Dec, 2012

Canadian Real Estate Investing Made Easy

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