BBH Investments

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A Typical Opportunity


Each year we look for approximately 4-6 partners who (are a fit for us) and are looking to make a difference financially in their lives with income producing real estate. The only thing our partners are responsible for is supplying the deposit and closing costs for the property. Deposits can be Cash / RRSP /TFSA / HELOC. We take care of the rest.

Find a solid property in a growing (Top 10 Towns in Ontario)

          *  Provide established leases

          *  Documented walk through list with added photos of each room

          *  Open and manage bank accounts for Property Management Company

          *  Provide regular reporting of Cash Flow and Financial Analysis

          *  Negotiate terms and price

          *  Supervise Home Inspection

          *  Rectify any problems

          *  Provide all Documentation to Lawyer

          *  Prepare house for showings

          *  Create Marketing

          *  Show house to prospective tenants (run Credit Checks)

          *  Create written leases

          *  Do walk thru with new tenants

          *  Communicate instructions to Property Manager

          *  Open Bank account for property

          *  Manage property for the term of our agreement.

We have a tested and proven team of professionals who take care of everything imaginable.  They consist of Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance Brokers, Property Managers and Maintenance Contractors.  These people insure any and all problems are dealt with immediately and professionally.  

Once it’s time (usually 5 years) to sell the property. We insure any repairs are completed prior to sale. Upon the sale, the Partner receives 100% of their deposit back first and then what is left is split 50/50.

Double digit returns are quite normal using this system. We can show you this moving forward.


On a 200K property, 25% down (i.e. 50K), 3% up per year on average = 30K in 5 years .. plus a mortgage paydown of about 15K .. thus 45K equity gain on 50K invested .. assuming cash-flow neutral .. 45/50K = 90% divided by 5 years = 19%/year on average !!

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